Pendencia Longbow

Our Versatile R/D Hybrid Longbow

Impressive Speed and Cast in a Artistic Design

Models shown here include Collector Grade

Cocobolo, and Ziricote, and price varries  according

 to thecurrent market for these rare quality woods.



Pendencia Longbow

R/D Hybrid Longbow

Impressive Speed and Cast in a Versatile Design

The Pendencia starts with a single block of choice wood for the riser, selected for beauty and rigid function.   This single block can stand alone, or be combined with another contrasting wood selection to create a work of art.  Like an artists pallette, the Pendencia can be made with flare, and style.  The main difference between our Pinyon and Pendencia models is in the size and shape of the riser block.  The Pendencia block allows us to add a bit more styling and shaping to suit your preference.

After the success of our Pinyon Reflex/Deflex Longbow, we went to work to recreate its performance in a more versatile riser section.  We have a design with the Speed, Cast, Comfort, and Stability we demand, but in a package that lets us create a bow with even more artistic style.  This bow will shoot a hunting weight arrow hard and fast.

Like all of our models, we design this bow with an instinctive shooter in mind, we use a radiused arrow shelf, and locate the peak directly above the throat of the grip. The arrow is positioned close to the shooters hand to point naturally at your target. We include a matching thumb rest to our locator style grip for accurate bow hand placement. The crisp, finely carved lines of this bow are as beautiful as they are practical. We can accomodate your own grip preference with this model, but our standard grip is highly complimented by most shooters.

The SL, our standard design package, is a single wood type, with a single back overlay. Moving up to our LX1, and LX2  design package, we can customize this riser with a flare, arch, or curving stripe, to suit your taste. We have a superb selection of limb veneer options to make your bow beautiful and unique.  Every bow we make is compatible with "fast flight" strings. We make our limb tips as tough as possible with our very own "G-Shock" tip overlays. We also offer antler and horn tips, for added style. All of our bows are coated and protected with a super tough combination epoxy finish.

Price Grades

SL $ 550*

LX1 $ 675*

LX2 $ 775*

(*Upgrade Options, Materials, Freight, are Additional)
(*Sales Tax Additional for Texas Residents)

BOW LENGTH: 58-66″

DRAW LENGTH: Customized to ANY Draw Length

WOODS: Domestic and Premium Exotic Hardwoods


FINISHES: Hand polished Gloss, Satin, or Flat
GRIP TYPES: Low, medium or high wrist

Lets design a Pendencia Longbow together, just the way you want it.