Wagstaff Archery Warranty and Use Guide



We want to make sure you are completely happy with your Wagstaff Bows.  Please do contact us at any time if your bow is damaged in any way.  We may be able to repair or re-finish your bow to ensure a lifetime of use.

We stand behind our products and include a (1) one year full, and (2) two year pro-rated warranty on materials and workmanship to the original buyer.  We include this warranty on all of the bows we make.  We will emphasize that your new Wagstaff bow is designed for use with a "fast flight" string.

Wagstaff Archery bows are all high performance designs that function at a high level of stress.  It is therefore required as a condition of this warranty that an approved bow stringer be used whenever the string is attached or removed.  It is very important that a person pays careful attention at all times when stringing any bow, to see that the string is in the center of the string groove, and well seated at the nock ends.  Bow damage may occur if strung or un-strung improperly.   Damage to your bow may not be covered if it is due to abuse, mis-use, or failure to string properly.

We use the very best epoxy finish available to protect your bow from the elements, and provide a long life of useful service.  Damage that occurs from knocks, drops, bumps, or abuse cannot be covered by our warranty.   We do however want your bow to last, and maintain its appearance.  If you do damage your finish, contact us about the possibilty of a touch up to protect your investment.

Coverage Terms

First Year:  Covered 100%

Second Year:  Covered 50%

Third Year:  Covered 25%

Under the Terms of this Warranty, We Reserve the Right and Discretion to inspect, and repair or replace any damaged bow or component to returnn the bow to useable condition.  If we cannot repair the bow, a replacement bow or component will be provided under the Coverage Terms shown above, using our the current prices in effect at the time the warranty coverage is redeemed.


The above provisions will apply unless the bow shows evidence of misuse, abuse, alteration, improper handling, or damage as a result of shooting arrows weighing less than eight grains per pound of draw weight (we recommend 9-11 or more).


Thank You


We Sincerely Appreciate Your Business and hope that you will enjoy your bow from Wagstaff Archery for many years to come.  We have enjoyed the sport of archery and bowhunting for decades.  It brings us tremendous pride to be able to participate in and contribute to the continuation of our great sport.  Its a wonderful thing to see new generations of people discovering the sport of archery. We encourage you to do everything you can to share your passion for archery by introducing it to new people, young or old.


Best Practices

We have committed ourselves to building our products using the best possible materials and construction practices.  We ONLY use the very best materials available, and seek to partner ourselves with the very best suppliers.  We Always use top brand materials, and continually seek out advances in our techniques, tools, and engineering.



Please use at your own discretion.  We are Not Responsible for any harm or injury that may occur, whether or not it is caused by the use or mis-use of any of our products.  Your decision to purchase or use our products represents and understanding and an agreement to Hold Harmless Wagstaff Archery, its Owners, Family Members, Employees, or Assigned Assets.


We Sincerely Thank You for Your Business.

PLease feel free to call us if you have any issue, defect, or other problem with one of our products.  Your complete satisfaction is very important to us.

Jeff and Connor Wagstaff